Who ARE You?

We are a Christan, homeschooling family of ten who moved from California to Texas more than a decade ago seeking a better life.

The Players:

Dad– CFO. Works graveyard as a first responder, doing 12 hr shifts to bring home the bacon. Also grocery shops on his way home. (Warning: Must have detailed list. Do not send to the store without!)

Mom– Principal, Teacher, Head Custodian, Bus Driver, School Counselor, Librarian, Kitchen Manager. You get the idea.

Grad – 27 year old daughter. Grad Student just got her master’s in English & moved to Oregon to seek her PhD. Recently eloped. Her husband does most of the cooking in their home.

Aqua – 25 year old son. Aquarium Lover has classic autism. His contribution to meal prep is daily asking what we’re making. He’s also been known to shred cheese and peel vegetables. He loves aquariums, random facts, animated movies, orchestras, history, science, and geography.

Tech – 24 year old son. He graduated as an AC Tech recently & moved to OK to live closer to his fiance. When he’s not hanging out with his future wife, he spends his time missing his mom (or at least her cooking).

Chef – 16 year old son. Primary Chef is learning to prepare meals & maintain a kitchen. He enjoys cooking when we’re cooking on our new, infrared grill. His loves: Legos, anime, manga, video games, working with his hands & making people laugh.

Baker – 15 year old daughter. My Baker or Pastry Chef also doubles as the Sous Chef, preparing the side dishes as needed. She loves to make desserts & breads, especially if they involve chocolate. Her other interests include cats, books, anime, manga & music.

Fire – 9 year old daughter. Firecracker was born at 29 weeks, but came out crying. Her beautiful red hair was a genetic gift from my mother & grandmother. Despite being full of energy & constantly on the move, she’s recently caught the bookworm bug. She is my Picky Eater and struggles to gain weight.

Hero – 5 year old boy. My little Super Hero spent his time from 2-3 years old insisting on being addressed by the name of the hero costume he was wearing. While he also loves blocks, dinosaurs, picture books & playing with his sister, super heroes are still his favorite thing.

Baby – 2 year old son. Like Fire, he born at 29 weeks. Improving quickly from all the challenges from being born so early. Absolutely in love with all things construction. Lactose intolerant. Still has no hair.