And Then There Were Nine

Been stressed.  Tech didn’t move out when he planned and we had a lot of cooking with the holidays (Passover & Easter).  I took pictures of several things, but never got on here to post.

I also got to meet Grad’s boyfriend.  He seems like a nice guy.

And then Tech did move out.  And just like that we are nine.

And Grad is in OR for orientation for her grad school, so I’m getting a trial week of what life will be like come fall.

The house seems empty.  Which is weird, because

  • those two were always gone already &
  • there are six kids in the house still, including almost all the noisy ones.

Baby is clingy.  I think it’s the changes and the stress.  Also, he’s learning to army crawl extremely fast, so that adds a whole new element to life again.  “Where did those pennies come from?”  “Pick up that Barbie shoe.”  “Don’t jump on the trampoline while Baby is on the floor!”  Good times.

A neighbor kid we’d never met bought an Easter basket for Hero so we bought a copy of Hero’s favorite book for him.  Tomorrow is exercise day at the park so we’ll have to go by his house and give it to him and invite him to the park with us.

Now, food.  Because that is my happy place right now.

Passover dinner was the first lamb I’d cooked in years and years.  We used a recipe from My Recipes for Roast Leg of Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce.  The younger children didn’t care for the “fresh mint sauce”, but the older children liked it and the adults found the lamb much better with the sauce.


Then there was the day after the last workout at the park day, when we had Scrambled Egg Muffins from Six Sisters’ Stuff.  There was a bit of chopping involved…


…which my arms weren’t up to after increasing the reps on the arm machine, but somehow we got it done.


These are really little individual omelets that you can make ahead and freeze and then heat up for breakfast.  But I don’t do breakfast, which is why my board for breakfast is called Who Has Time for Breakfast?  Instead, I occasionally do breakfast for lunch.  Like on this day, when we whipped up these muffins and they turned out perfectly.


Very colorful, don’t you think?

And this post would not be complete without the adorable Easter snack that Baker made and the dessert that she helped the little ones make.

Behold: Deviled Egg Bunny Feet from Hungry Happenings.  (Baker loves deviled eggs, so when my lovely sister-in-law forwarded me a way to make them holiday themed, we just had to try one of the recipes.)


And while we don’t really celebrate Easter with bunnies and eggs and all that, it’s hard not to do a few fun themed food dishes when you have small children.  So when Grad decided to go out and get the ingredients so the young ones could make a special dessert, I was thankful and excited.

Behold: Bird’s Nest Cookies from Delish.


We were eating them so fast, what with all the kids being here plus Grad’s boy friend, that we had trouble getting enough together for a picture.  (They were being eaten directly off the tray.)

This is a great recipe for little ones because they can easily help put the eggs on the “nests”.

So that’s some of the cooking we’ve been up to in the last week.  Coming up this week, we’ll be making gyros with homemade tzatziki sauce and, for the first time, homemade pitas.  We’ll also be trying a new “breakfast” for lunch, a super simple bubble-up.

It’s late.  It’s too quiet.  And Baby doesn’t want anything but to be held.

What is your favorite Easter dish?  Passover?



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